What is RHome?

RHome is a simple room and home automation system designed with DIY enthusiasts in mind. It's based on Android and Arduino projects and is completely open source - from hardware to software. It is cheap to implement since you don't have to automate the whole house or flat at once. Each room is an autonomous system that is independent of others. Primary goal of RHome is to ease day to day living unlike other systems where the main goal is usually energy saving. RHome offers you the ability to control different devices in your room and enhances your multimedia experience.

Lighting & Blind control

Wirelessly control (RF equipped) lights in your room through a simple interface. You can also open or close your window blinds with the touch of a button.

Multimedia control

Browse & Play your multimedia content through a simple and easy to use interface (currently supports XBMC media center).

Remote control

Control any of the systems features with a single remote. Turn off your lights, turn on the TV and control your media with one remote.

Automatic actions

Automatic blind control, movie mode, sleep mode and more. These automatic actions will get your room ready with the touch of a single button.

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Presenting RHome

I am proud to present the new open source home automation system. I hope that you'll find it interesting! I am open to any questions, suggestions and most of all - support in the development of this system.